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All this website.

Our Affiliation


This website is presented by Bodhi Heart Sanctuary (BHS). BHS is a non-sectarian not-for-profit Buddhist society nested in the busy city of Penang, Malaysia.

Our Aim

comment Dharma,(abbreviated to DAve), is a non-sectarian, structured-and-guided, learner and educator-oriented multimedia Dharma educational website. Our Vision is to facilitate a one-stop free Buddhist learning resource center to facilitate a learner’s journey in exploring dharma pathways and embracing various possibilities in learning, teaching and propagating dharma. In short, we wish to make Dharma knowledge freely available, far and wide.

Key Features.

  1. Non-sectarian
    We prompt learners to venture into the rich spectrum of teachings from various Buddhist Traditions in order to encourage learning dharma across these fertile and borderless landscapes. On the other hand, being non-sectarian shapes greater appreciation and understanding between members of different Buddhist Traditions.
  2. Structured And Guided Curriculum
    We have structured vast multimedia resources into a systematic and self-learning curriculum in order to cope with the needs of many Buddhist organizations, groups and individuals. Being structured and guided, Dave not only attract new and discerning individuals to Buddhism, it will also provide an empowered and progressive learning experience to existing Buddhist individuals, groups and organizations.
  3. Bilingual and Multimedia Resources
    We intend to host an extensive English and Chinese audio (mp3), audio-visual (video) and visual (text) content to enable a single learning platform to cater for the taste of varied individuals interested in tasting the dew of Dharma. These contents are relevant and authoritative, instructive and provocative, to ensure an intense and dynamic learning experience.
  4. Suggested Study And Living Guide
    In addition to our macro structured and guided platform we also string an extensive stream of resources into comprehensive guides to cater for different learning targets e.g., Sunday Schools, Buddhist societies in college and universities, private discussion groups as well as individuals. These learning guides comprise two categories. The first is the Study Guides. It lists a gradual and deepening study and mastering over specific tenets and themes in Buddhism. The second is the Living Guides which serve as roadmaps to assist the exploration of life’s issues from the perspective of Buddhism. Within this framework we also offer guides derived from a specific Teacher – these are necessary for those who wish to adopt a particular approach and method.
  5. E-Drops
    These are packaged quick learning and inspirational modules in PDF and Jpeg format as complementary learning modules for interested individual or beginners. These quotes and quick-reads on various exciting themes aim to spark joyful inspirations, better awareness and deep reflections in our cultivation.
  6. Complimentary Learning Link
    We are also glad to provide extensive and fully categorized links to support your keen self-learning e.g. scriptural resources, dictionaries, bibliography, language study aids etc.
  7. Faces And Lives
    We also offer large collection of biodata of speakers and authors of our audio, audio-visual and text-book references. This is to allow learners to understand the angles and perspective their Teacher are coming from.

Our Content

Folder Icon DAve provides authoritative, popular and possibly "controversial"contents to allow the learner to view both sides of the divide, before making an informed choice of their learning. We even offer you an occasionally amusing and comical content to draw contrast and appreciation, and to detach you from seriousness and return you your smile and sanity.

All resources are freely available and on condition of CreativeCommons. We welcome donations to enable us to sustain this initiative.

Apart from adding more and more content, we will also be adding many more value-added features in the future. Do visit us often to enrich yourself.


Folder Icon DAve is a platform to provoke an open, critical and discerning mind as well as to nurture a light-hearted, caring and compassionate heart in learning, practicing, sharing and realizing the Dharma.

Besides, we hope this wonderful e-Dharma library will benefit existing Buddhists and offer the millions of people whose environment is deprived of Buddhist monastery, monastic, Buddhist literature or even Buddhist groups or friends but are empowered by internet accessibility.

We wish every learner of DAve an enjoyable engagement, an enthusiastic sharing, and an empowered and enlightened living.

Our Thanks

heart32 We wish to express our deepest gratitude to Mr Lai Kwan Yew and Dhamma friends for kick starting this website.

In 2013 this website is also co-sponsored by:

  • Mr Lai Kwan Yew and Dhamma Friends
  • Mr Wong See Chiang
  • Mr Stanley and Nancy Khoo
  • Mr Fong Hong Wai and Dhamma Friends
  • Bodhi Heart Study Groups
  • Bodhi Heart Sanctuary's Sasana & Sangha Fund

Contact Us

mail32 If you are interested to help please contact us