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Dharma Avenue

Our site contains a collection of youtube videos categorized by topic.
We encourage people to learn Dharma through without boundaries, that is from all teachers and traditions.

We recommend for newcomers to start with the basics (link category) and get an idea what Buddhism is all about before venturing deeper into the more advanced topics.

As you become more familiar with the speakers and the subject you may find yourself resonating with a particular teacher or tradition, but we still encourage you to keep an open mind and expansive view.

We have a total of 5053 of which:
1328 are Theravada.
36 are Mahayana.
3083 are Vajrayana.
199 are Zen.

2906 are Male.
2033 are Female.
114 are from an Organization.

603 are Lay.
4337 are Monastic.
113 are Organization.